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Martin Brodeur and they stanley cup his kids all now playing in the New Jersey Organization 
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Wow. Sorry my family did not have the funds nor time for me to play hockey growing up, and sorry that I decided to place my money that I have so little of towards something useful. You know, like car payments and health insurance.
I won’t be fan of any sport other than swimming according to your logic.

This confession is hilarious. Fuck you, whoever you are. We don’t want to be your friend anyway.

I wish people would stand behind their shitty opinions instead of going with the cowardly anonymous confession route. I would love to know how this amazing person feels about male hockey fans who don’t play? I’m guessing the thought has probably never even occurred to her and this is probably just another case of internalized sexism. 
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Me and a few buddies made the Stanley Cup out of beer cans
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